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Welcome to The People Catalyst

We specialise in the people side of things dealing with Alternative Dispute Resolution including Mediation, Facilitation, Coaching and Training.

So what do we mean by conflict? We are referring to the interpersonal conflicts taking place in Business, Workplaces and in our Personal lives and happens on a one to one basis, one to many, many to many or even conflict within ourselves.

We believe that any negative situation can be turned around providing that the parties involved have a genuine desire to resolve this, with a little help.

We invite you to look through our website and if you see a topic that resonates with you then get in touch for a free no obligations chat.

Everyone who meets Lilian is blown away by her easy way of discussing difficult subjects in a relaxed and inclusive way. 

She has such an innate talent of getting to the root of any issue, knowing which buttons to press at just the right time!

Jane Hirst


"The People Specialist"

Her vast expertise and knowledge in this area, coupled with exactly the right balance of regard for the individual and courage to challenge, makes her so good at what she does.

Rather than jumping to tribunals and very costly payoff's, organisations should invest in Lilian's skills and see the return on investment for themselves

Una McGarvie



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